Monday, September 1, 2014

Korean Fried Chicken Wings

Korean Fried Chicken Wings are so tasty and differ from the typical chicken wings that are placed in flour or flour and egg mixture. These puppies use a cornstarch for their coating which gives them a  light crispy crunch and holds their sauce well, but don't just take my word for it try your hand at these heavenly morsels.

Chicken Wings Ingredients
1 4-5 lb bag of chicken wings
1 1/2 c - 1 3/4c of cornstarch depending on 4 or 5 lb bag of wings
1 c of soy sauce
3/4 c of sugar
grapeseed oil or vegetable oil for frying (enough to cover the chicken completely or if you don't mind cooking longer at least to cover half the chicken)
sesame seed to sprinkle on top of the wings 

1. I typically leave my wings frozen until I need to use them. Then I take them out and place them in a big bowl in cold water and let them soak for about 45 minutes to defrost. This also gives the wings a bath and pulls some of the fat off. Clean chicken to work with woohoo! Yes I know I am not right in the head, I am a clean freak.

2.Once your chicken has defrosted drain the chicken in a colander. Wipe down the bowl dry with a paper towel and return chicken to the bowl.

3. Now your chicken is ready for the cornstarch make sure to get everything covered. If you do not have a big enough bowl and not good with flipping chicken then please by all means use a plastic bag. I don't want you to create a mess you in kitchen. I am from the school of using less to do my jobs. Your chicken should look like this. Yes I realize it doesn't look like it is going to be a nice coating of anything but believe me it will be trust the cornstarch if you coated them all.

4. Next is placing your oil in a pan I do not give measurements for this because it depends on pan size that is used, not to mention so people would rather flip to use less oil. I use expensive oil so I would rather flip and take my time then use more oil. I know I am strange that way. Which also cook time will vary depending upon how much oil you use. For the small wings it will be 5 minutes for the larger 8 minutes. If you do the flip method double it 5 minutes for each side and 8 minutes for each side. I cook on medium high heat. When cooking with the cornstarch it doesn't brown like flour does. It will change slightly in color but this is what you will be looking at.

5. Once your chicken is done place it on a plate with a paper towel. I personally prefer to use a bakers rack and casserole dish because this allows the oils to drip down. A paper towel can only absorb so much before it stops absorbing. I want the flavors and not the oil. Here is your happy chicken.

6. Once all of the chicken wings have been cooked you will want to place your soy sauce and sugar into a large pot on high heat. Stir it together to make sure the sugar blends in with the soy sauce. Allow the soy sauce and sugar to bubble and I mean rise and bubble because it will. I have asked my mother why it needs to rise and it states "Dis it what makes tasty" in her Korean accent. I have no ideal why the reason I just go with it because there is a method to the madness. I will trying to obtain a picture of this and it really is not the best but over the stove on high heat was a problem.

7. Take your chicken and dump them in the soy mixture and shake/flip them in the pot to cover the chicken completely with the mixture. Remove for the pot and place onto a plate. If you are not good with flipping then I would recommend placing all your chicken into a metal or glass bowl that is heat resistant. Dump the soy mixture from the pot onto the chicken then dumping chicken with mixture back into pot going back and forth until full covered and then plating.

8. Now that the soy mixture is on your chicken it is time for you to cover with sesame seed. How much you use is depending upon you. You can use a dash or cover them fully like I have done above.


  1. These are amazing Mindy... and really sound pretty simple to make. I might make these for the Packer game Thursday night, if I can get my sh*$ together <3

    1. They are simple to make and so delicious. I am from the school less is more. Another wing recipe will be at a later time it is hot hot hot!!

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  3. I want those! Is it wrong to want them for breakfast?