Sunday, August 31, 2014

Korean Fried Dumplings -Yaki-Mandu (aka Mandoo)

Korean dumplings, OH my, they're a favorite in this household but hey what's not to love about a dumpling that has dual purpose? You can place these in a steamer or fry them up. The kids love them and are a perfect go to snack for heating back up. Though the texture of microwaving is more like a soft dumpling instead of the nice crispy dumpling, but you can always break out the pan again and re-fry to obtain that crispness.

Mandu Ingredients
1 Medium green cabbage
1 lb hamburger
1 lb ground pork
1 pkg firm tofu
2 small onions
1 handful of glass(cellophane) noodle
1/2 lb of bean sprouts
2 eggs when mixing
1 pkg of 16oz dumpling wrapper (square or round)
cheesecloth/kitchen hand towel
Grapeseed oil because of the multiple uses, not to mention your foods keep there taste, but make sure it is cold pressed. (You can use an oil of your choosing)

Dipping Sauce
2 parts soy sauce
1 part rice vinegar
1 green onion choopped up (optional)
dash of sesame seed (optional)

Spicy Tastes? 

1 tsp Korean dired chili powder (can add more depending on taste, my kids can't handle more)
If that is not available then use 1tbsp Sriracha sauce  again add to your taste

Now I know what you're thinking, oh no she went away from traditional Korean, oh yes I did. I am flexible that way I use what tastes good and often you will see me pair things together. I am about taste.

1. In a large pot add water place onto stove boil water. Once water is boiling add cabbage that is quartered into the pot and boil on med high for 15 - 20 minutes. The cabbage should be soft but still have a little crunch.

2. In a medium bowl place warm water and add your cellophane noodles. Noodles will be ready in 15 minutes. Place noodles into a colander to remove water and place noodles back into bowl for later.

3.Cabbage and noodles are on there way so we need to rinse off the bean sprouts. Pull out any bad sprouts and set aside until your cabbage water is done. Once the cabbage is pulled from the water place the bean sprouts into the water and let it boil for 1-2 minutes. Sprouts just need to softness slightly but still have crunch, they should be able to bend. Place the sprouts in colander allow sprouts to sit in the colander for the time.

4. Peel onions and dice them up finely. Place into frying pan and fry until the onions become translucent.

5. In your cheesecloth (kitchen hand towel) place tofu inside and wrap up into the towel and wring out excess water in the tofu. If you have skewers, wrap the ends of the cloth around each end to help get out the moisture. After the all the water is out remove tofu from the cheesecloth and set aside and repeat this process for the cabbage. The reason for this is because the moisture in the tofu and cabbage will end up causing the mandu skin to rupture in the frying process.

6. Now that the tofu is crumbled make sure to finely dice up the rest. You will also dice up the cabbage and bean sprouts into small pieces. Next take a pair of kitchen scissors and cut of the cellophane noodle into small pieces.

7. Place all the ingredients into the same bowl now add the hamburger and pork meat and 1 large egg and mix together.

8. In another small bowl beat the other egg. This will be used for closing up the wrapper.

9. The mixture is now ready to be placed into a wrapper. You can use a small spoon to place the mixture onto your wrapper. Depending on if you use a square or round wrapper will depend on how you will wrap, but the meat will go into the center leaving enough edge to close up the wrapper. For square wrappers you will want to wrap and make a triangle shape. For the round wrappers you will want to make half a circle shape.

Round Wrappers used, these babies are ready to be fried up!

10. Heat up your oil on medium high Once oil is hot add your mandu to the oil and fry until golden brown about 3 - 4 minutes per each side. Place cooked mandu on a plate lined with paper towel to absorb residual oil.

Time to eat this deliciousness.

11. Your dipping sauce is something you can whisk together while waiting for the mandu to fry up.The very basic is soy sauce and rice vinegar. I like to add in my sauce green onions, sesame seeds, and Korean chili powder.I love the flavors of it all mixed together.  Enjoy!